These ladies have contributed a lot for this website through their wonderful recipes. Some of them are quite easy and at the same time tasty too.



 Mrs. Sheela Rajan:

She is quite famous in our family for her itsy bitsy recipes. Everything will be very simple yet healthy and tasty too. I still remember her coconut rice and potato fry. They are sure to make your tongue happy!






Mrs. Daisy Paul:

My mom, well known for her spicy mutton curry in our family. She prepares good Thala curry and other simple vegan recipes too. Everything will be over in a jiffy. Her pumpkin roast and yam roast are my favorites. She has many more in stock too!







Mrs. Alice Louis.

Think about nadan fish curry, my mother in law tops the list. She is a wonderful cook with her traditional malabar cuisine. She is a life saver when it comes to preparing some hurry burry dish. Koorkai milagu idichathu, kappa roast, chemeen masala, are some of her top notch dishes.





Mrs. Mary Joseph and Mrs. Lilly Rajan:

My grandma and her sister, that is our favorite chitthi. They both are special for their biriyanis. Especially, mutton and chicken. Amma’s paruppu curry’s taste still lingers in our mouth. Chitthi goes a step ahead and prepares wonderful rasams, mutton balls, and so on.





Mrs. Sophy Leslie:

She is our dear aunt. She is a hit when it comes to preparing mutton stew and beef cutlet. All her cooking knowledge comes from her mom, who is also a top contributor for this website. The aroma of food always lingers in her kitchen, and some of her dishes are fingerlicking good especially her instant snacks.





Mrs. Shini Fredrick:

Think of beef pepper fry, you always think of Shini aunty. Her speciality is beef pepper fry and chicken pepper fry. She is also a topper in cooking some of the best noodles and other such treats for kids. Her Nendhram Pazham fry is something remarkable and liked by us all.