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For those who are struggling with the experiment called “cooking”, it will be a nightmare to prepare even simple dishes. That was my experience nearly 7 years back and still i am facing that nightmare some times. Keeping all others, who are facing the same problem as mine, I thought of creating and dedicating this website for all amateur home cooks, who aspire to cook well, and impress their loved ones. For me, my best judge is my son. If he likes something then he will smile and finish off the plate in a jiffy. It it is the vice versa, then the first response will be “eeeeeeewwwwwwwww”. My score will automatically come down.

For everyone, the main thing is the “passion” that you should have towards cooking. Some find it quite tough while for others it is as simple as drinking water. For me, it is still a “tough” one, especially when it comes to preparing a simple “sambar”. If you are on the same boat, come lets sail together and reach the shore successfully.

Most of the dishes in this website are tried by me, my friends and my family members. Right from a simple coconut rice till Chicken Biriyani, everything will be here, and that is what I am planning to do too! This website will be helpful for preparing everyday meals too. Search through our recipe index and find out that recipe that you need to try!

If you feel, one of your recipes should take a part in this website, please don’t hesitate to send it to me. I will certainly try it out and post it here. After all, it is a joint venture, and come on ladies, let us celebrate cooking. Three cheers to all of you!!!

Herbs And Spices

You can know about the various herbs and spices in India. Get to know their names and their uses. You can use this information while cooking, after all, we are all amateurs. Read more to know about the various herbs and spices used in Indian cooking.

Recent recipes! 

Vendaikai pepper fry

Vendaikai/bhindi/ladys finger is one of the most common vegetable used in authentic Indian cuisine. Known for its numerous benefits, vendai is one of my favorite too. This dish, in particular, is something that everyone will love to taste. Here is the recipe for this.

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Khara Biscuits

For a quite long time, I have been thinking about baking some spicy cookies. Something that is similar to the ones that we get in the bakery. It was then I came across this recipe and wanted to try it immediately. But however, I made some twists and turns to the original version to get […]

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Choti Puris

This is yet another wonderful recipe by Harshiny. Dear, you have become one good contributor to Mommy It’s Yummy! Ingredients: Left over potato curry Tomato sauce Coconut chutney Coriander leaves Chat powder (optional) Sev (Optional) Pani puris Curd Method Of preparation: Take pani puris and press it in the middle with your thumb. Fill with little […]

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Kabul Channa Gravy

Kabul Channa Gravy   Ingredients: Onion (1-2 nos) Tomato ( 1 nos) Ginger Garlic paste (2 tsp) Turmeric powder (pinch) Jeera powder ( ½ tsp) Kashmiri chilli powder ( ¼ tsp) Red chilli powder (as per your taste) Dhaniya powder (½ tsp) Kasuri methi (pinch- crush it in your palm before you add) Salt Garam […]

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Johu’s muffins’

It has been quite a long time since I bought my oven. I was waiting for this day to come, to bake my munchkin his favorite muffins, and here is what i did. The best part, Johan enjoyed being with me in the kitchen throughout the entire process, and more than that he enjoyed eating […]

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